Industries Served



Our approach to business begins with a clear definition of our markets and the commercial role we play. We aim to offer the fastest response time and earliest delivery date to replace a failed or faulty shell and tube heat exchanger within the fabrication industry.

Our Chil-Con brand has been servicing the demand for industrial refrigeration equipment since 1967. Chil-Con equipment can be found in ice arenas, cold storage facilities, food processing plants, breweries, gas compression modules and industrial gas processing plants on a global basis. Our applications engineers are considered experts in natural refrigerants based cascade systems, and will be only too pleased to assist with your current or future project requirements.

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We design and fabricate carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, incoloy, inconel, NiCrMo steel, titanium, and copper-nickel pressure vessels and heat exchangers for the most demanding markets and arduous of operating conditions.

It is a subtle but important distinction that we define our role based upon who we serve and how we serve them, as opposed to what we make. Although our operational activities and our distinct value proposition are founded upon superior processes, our mission is to delight the customer. So, our mantra is...

“Market-driven and Process-based.”