HT INDUSTRIAL (HTI) services the demand for heat exchangers from the gas compression, refining, chemical processing and industrial refrigeration industries. As stalwarts of the industry, HT INDUSTRIAL is a proud member of: -

HT INDUSTRIAL has been manufacturing in North America as Chil-Con Products since 1967. The Chil-Con brand is an established brand within the markets that they serve. HT INDUSTRIAL is a long standing member of ASME and holds current U / UM certifications.

Today, our company operates out of a 120,000 square feet covered facility in Brantford, Ontario. Our investment in state-of-the-art equipment enables us to offer competitive pricing, but more importantly, enables us to offer the fastest response times within the fabrication industry.

Reliability and trust do not come easy in this business, the fact that we have been designing and fabricating heat exchangers, pressure vessels and other pressure equipment since 1967, coupled with the fact that we can boast the lowest warranty claims in our industry attests to our standing within the fabrication industry.

At HT INDUSTRIAL we get the job done. We understand what our customers need and what’s required to satisfy those needs and we get on with it – adding real value in the process by saving them as much money and time as possible without ever compromising on quality. Our Brantford facility is unique amongst ASME fabricators, in that we employ four Professional Engineers, two specializing in Mechanical Engineering, and two in Chemical Engineering. Because we’ve been delivering complex and demanding projects all over the world, we’ve proven time and again that we’re a safe, dependable and dedicated pair of hands. And it is this same drive to deliver that we bring to every single job, no matter how large or small.

When you need a fast response to replace a heat exchanger or pressure vessel you can depend on HT INDUSTRIAL.